Hyper Ion Systems a new DIY esk8 supply and custom build company

We are a small company formed by two brother who enjoy the esk8 community. Driven by the DIY revolution and all things sk8/esk8. We believe in using a clean renewable energy and making it affordable to all. We also see a need to innovate products and components that stay open and accessible for upgrades, different configurations in setup, etc. We have seen the innovations made by companies going commercial with esk8 and we believe in locking you in to a customizable system, not locking you out and keeping it under a ski mask. We want to design a intelligent drive system that is free to configure and as programable as the vesc with multiple improvements keeping with the open source vision that has brought us this far. We are starting small and working from the ground up. We have a line of all aluminum rims that are universal and can be anodized multiple colors. This is only the start. we will next look to design a modular battery enclosure that is expandable for upgraded battery size or going single to duel drive by only adding a module instead of a completely new enclosure. We have our website up and are adding items and content daily. We need your feedback and suggestions, please go to the main page of our website and click the feedback link. And please feel free to tell us what you think and what you may like to see offered in the future. We have plans to offer conversion kits for some preowned decks and kits to do complete builds that are affordable with links to this forum and other. The one thing we have learned in our research is Having Reliable ]clear and agreed upon information. We believe in the DIY community and plan stay well with in it. We are still working out the bugs on the site and will start work on putting our kits together. links to information, supplier information, videos and more will be up soon as well. We ask for your suggestions, commits, request at the feedback section of our website (link Bellow) or feel free to send an email to [email protected]

We are proudly based in the Austin,Tx area and ready to serve Texas and the surrounding states with Fast shipping , Friendly, Knowledgeable staff who love the ESK8 Community.

Thank you Cory LeBlanc [esk8 online store] (http://www.hyperionsystems.org)

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So, what trucks are you using. I assume it won’t be all based on the GT right?

No, the side winder is more a cross over for street/ AT and a carver AT on the street. we are leaning towards trampa infinity and MBS matrix still back and forth may offer both

we are also looking into these guys for boards on the AT/Non Mountain board. https://www.lacroixboards.com I really like the look and battery enclosure

There is a picture in your site with an aluminium pulley, did you make it? Are you planning in doing them? This community is in need of wheel pulleys press in, no retainer.

Yes we are but we want to lose some weight that’s just not needed. Because of the newly design contact points,and the fact it’s aluminum will allow us to reduce some bulk at connection with drive rim. I will have a 3D rendering soon of the new pulley. It will also allow for the spaces once filled with unnecessary material to be open and will help the balance as well.