Hypothetical Build: Would this work?

Hey guys, after about a month of research I have a possible build of what I want my board to be. The part list is as follows:

TORQUE Single Hub Motor Kit (From DIY) - $229.72 USD

VESC BLDC Speed Controller (From DIY) - $88.00 USD

4 to 5.5mm Wire Extensions (From DIY) - $7.56 USD

ONYX 11.1 3S 5000 mAh x 2 (From local seller in Toronto) - $160 CAD

Rayne Avenger 37" Cruising Deck- $189.00 CAD

The part that is stumping me now is how to connect the two batteries in series. I would need a connector for those, right?

At any rate, would this build work? Please let me know, thank you!

Yup there’s a series connector you can use for that, but how fast do you plan on going and do you live in a hilly environment?

Not familiar with the Onyx brand, but 80 CAD seems a bit high…

compare with an inexpensive ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 20C - which are about $20-25 ea. Shipping and import fees… not sure, but worth looking at? I would target a minimum of 20c for a 5000mAh pack (more is better: 25c, 30c, etc.)

as for series connector - my favorite is a simple xt90/xt60 adapter. Here’s one i did that’s stupid simple:

Easy to make, and you can avoid a spaghetti mess of wires w/ your typical adapters from ebay/amazon/etc.


since I’m using a 6s config, im only planning on going the 20mph the specs suggest. I don’t live in a terribly hilly area in Toronto, so It should be fine.

I don’t think I’d be able to get those across the border since they’re all over 100 watt hours. I’ve tried to see if i can order them to Canada, but it doesn’t show up. As for the C rating, what does that mean?

C rating is used for both charge and discharge rates. You have a constant C for how many amps they can provide and a C for peak amps they can provide.

Simple math to determine is the Ah x C = xxx Amps. So a 5000mAh/5Ah x 20c = 100A. Please understand this is totally suspect and likely marketing. The higher discharge they can provide - the less voltage sag under load. Less heat, more pack life, etc. But usually more $$ too.

I personally set the minimum constant amp capacity of 100A. So i typically avoid 10c packs.

I know the 100 Wh limitations can be a pain, but i’ve ordered large lipos in the past from HK without any issues. Slow shipping via ground not air, but not a huge deal if you can wait.


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Thanks dude, I really appreciate it!

One more question. What charger do you recommend? Also, would I have to unplug each battery to charge it, or is there a way to charge them in parallel?

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Get a 6s to 2 3s balance adapter and you can charge I’m series. I’d suggest the ax by, been around forever, cheap and do the job.