I am buying old or broken or cheap eletric skateboards!

I am looking for old or broken boards… cheap Chinese boards… diy… or premium brand boards!!! Do you have an old board collecting DUST??? Broken… or past warrenty… or just been sitting for a while??? If so let me know and I will see if I can take it off of your hands for a project to do with the kids!!!

Where are you located and what are you willing to use on a board? :slight_smile:

i can sell you a whole bunch of misc diy parts hanger with motor mount (2) cruiser deck 8s4p pack w no bms or charger repaired vesc psychotiller enclosure (custom heatsink for it too) old 6364 245kv motor

lemme know what you want and i’ll give you pricing. $300 for it all

or one of those koowheels :wink:

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Add your location to your profile to get more reponses

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I’ve got a pair of used 6374 motors from diy I would sell you($180). Also, 6 3s 5.2ah graphine lipo batteries ($180)