I am putting my electric skateboard for sale

i am a 14 year old freshman. i am selling this build so i can build another one. It has taken me 6 weeks to design and build. the specs are: 6s battery 280kv turnigy outrunner motor custom deck custom motor mount custom drive pulley system custom ABS battery enclosure 6s esc paris trucks

here are some pictures too if you have any questions just ask I would like to sell this for 600$

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Some advice is that I am also a freshman in highschool and I was trying to do the same by selling it and I had a sector nine deck,vesc, 192kv motor, 8s batteries and I tried selling it for $550 and I did not get a offer to buy it for 2 weeks I ended up keeping it. Any way good luck mabye drop the price.

I feel bad to crush your hope, but aftermarket for all kind of diys are bad. VERY bad. Basically it’s good if you can get even half of what you spent. Build quality have to be very polished if you want even some profit.


ok thanks for the suggestion

At least clean it sand the edges change the grip tape and clean the wheels, you should have more luck.