I ask to Netherlands goverment why is ilegal eletricskateboard

Hello bylders, I recently moved to Breda, netherlands, and I know it’s illegal, bla bla bla… So I was a little upset by this rule and try to now the reason is illegal, so I ask directly to government.nl

I was not expecting an answer…In my country they would not answer. XD

My question:


First answer:


Final answer:


Good to now they are upgrading this rule.


It sounds like they are pretty against skateboards being approved when they talk about steering :frowning:

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yeh I guess if I move to Netherland I will have to switch to Electric scooter :grin:

I hear boosted is marking scooters now… maybe it’s time for the “super mad scooter”??

yeh If I move to scooter I already have some ideas in mind. There there is not problem with frame ecc so I would think about a gear drive for scooter or maybe build 2 powerfull front and real hubs. IT’s true that scooter provides more control compare to skateboard and since you won’t need regenerative braking then you can go closer to 60V with the VESC

There are quite a few startups around looking for city council’s fireplace the share bikes with electric scooters. This makes a lot of sense I guess. In saying that I don’t think regenerative braking on an esk8 is any worse than trying to stop on a scooter.

no no I just saying that on escooter you can use normal brakes. So you can go without regenerative braking.

Haha I meant in general. I’m just lucky that in Australia the police are okay with us on the path as long as we are wearing helmets etc.

I ma in Belgium now and here is also fine. Up to 20-25kmh is allowed. In my experience as long you do not ride without control you are fine. More important is to have lights at evening but it’s correct. for your own safety.

First: What do you expect from 50+ year old seat farts, making the rules? Second point: They’re also making the rules for everyone, that includes old woman who can barely walk.

Im reading here in switzerland was a accident that a man fell from electric skateboard and went to the hospital. First response of the police; not allowed only in private roads.

Frankly, Dutch gvt is great. Here in France they wouldn’t answer or only said “because it’s forbidden”…and I remember the skate ban in the 70/80s

For a “vehicle”, the legal name, it’s fair to require efficient braking (means double independant braking systems + ability to handle it without being ejected from vehicle) and efficient steering…

We might have to develop reliable brakes for our boards + use straps/hooks…and try to argue for our “weight steering system”…

This sounds specific to public roads not pathways such as sidewalks. Are you trying to say you cant ride a skateboard at all there?

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