I burned my Vesc

Okaj, a couple months ago I replaced the cables (connecing the batteries with the vesc and a switch) with some thick silicone ones,. But I messed up the polarity of the connector on the vesc. When I connected the “new” cable and turned on the switch, some magic smoke came out of the vesc! I immediately dissconected everything. Wires were hot, I touched the mosfets they were hot as well. I’m guessing i made a some sort of a short circut…

I want to know if I destroyed the whole Vesc or just the DVR chip? It would be cheaper just to replace he drv chip, but im worried other parts (on the vesc) are destroyed as well. If anyone knows what should I do, please tell. Also I’m broke as hell right now, iIcan’t afford the new vesc…

Post some pics so we can see

Hi Benja

From where did you get that VESC from?

If you connected the negative and positive wires the wrong way, then the VESC is toast. You will have most likely blown the DRV and Mosfets at least.

mcu too, as high voltage went thought ground pins and negative throughout resistors into adc pins

@Benja_man do you mind posting some pictures, I think there might be more than just the DRV that is burned. But If didn’t blow any of the Trace, It could be repaired.

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I bought my vesc from ebay, and it is Maytech brand.

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I closely checked every tiny part and I can’t see any burned spots on the board or even drv chip. (I have no idea where the smoke came from if even it did at all, i dont remember clearly)

Also you should know that in the incident a cell in one of the 3S batteries died… (the voltage on that cell is 0 and the battery therfore doesn’t provide any voltage at all (shorted maybe??) I seriously don’t want any lipo fire trying to fix it cuz that shit is toxic af.

You could always try it, to see if it still power up, with a small 12V power pack.

I know that and it is the reason im so worried… VESC’s definitely weren’t made for dumb mistakes like this.

I did that, but the motor didn’t spin and i think that messed up the battery. I have set up the lower voltage limit, so it shouldn’t spin anyway i think. I also plugged it in my computer but no response, the computer didn’t recognise it and leds didn’t light up.

So you did burn something…

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I’m quite sure i burned sth but the question is if it is only drv chip that is burned or the whole VESC…

All the Voltage are controlled by the DRV, so if no light is powering up, there is probably some chance that they DRV is blown.

It could also be a short-circuit over the 3.3V.

Maybe you could start by probing with a Multimeter to see if any of the Voltages are shorted to the ground.

I just sent my non-working VESC to the board tech (user name thermalm16) and he fixed it for me in 1 day for $45.00. Worth every penny. If he can’t fix it, it only costs you the shipping to find out.

Nice same price as I do … :wink:


I need to know if my vesc is completely wasted, or can be repaired by replacing the drv chip. Because I can’t afford to pay for repair if it won’t work even then. I rather buy new one.

The problem is it could be more than just the DRV or something else other than the DRV. If you have a multi-meter on hand we could check out, the root cause of your problem.

Or if you don’t have any, you could still send it for repair.

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I have a mulitmeter on me, but I’m not sure what to check. (where to put the “wires”)