I designed my own vesc6 called zesc v6c

ZESC V6C based on vesc6

Technical details:

Input: 12-60v (3-13s)

Output: 60a (phase current in FOC) for continuous, 120a for 30 seconds, 1000w for continuous (tested)

IO ports: adc1, adc2, uart, ppm, iic

Size: 70x40x20mm


twelve 0.0014Ohm 60v 100a Mosfets

drv8323 intelligent driver

on-board anti spark switch

all capacitors are solid capacitors

3 shunt resistors

super compact design, small volume and high power density

gh1.25 connector with lock

high quality heatsink


Hey post this on esk8.fourms

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Great job! Where can I get one?

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sounds interesting. currently im looking for a vesc. will sacrifice somth, if i choose to buy yours? i have single motor 12s setup 45amps max(regularly) a bit more 2000w.

This actualy looks better then what i was looking at. How can i get a hold of one???

Awesome size! Maybe make it an option for a converter cable for the hal sensor plug that almost any other VESC based design uses. I understand your choice to pick something else because of size.