I dont get it. adequate nickle etc

So, I have six spot welds, Minimum per cell. And all juice is flowing thru those DOTS. That is meager flowpath. Isnt it the same as having the equivalent of 30ish gage wire? Do the cell ends heat up, thereby heating the cells and degrading?

I know this is now industry standard, but it sure seems inadequate.

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That means your pulse level of your spotwelder is too high and is puncturing the battery. I don’t know what spot welder you have, but you will need to decrease the energy level of it. Some spotwelders are usually 50-60J of energy for battery welds. More if the nickel is thicker.

It’s only inadequate by the amount of power you’ve given. It just needs to weld nicely.

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Each spot weld can handle about 10 amps.

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No, My spots are perfect. But, they are not the surface area of my SOLDERED battery for instance.

Thats stunning.

Sorry, I didn’t understand at first since some of what you said meant as if you punctured your battery. That’s all.