I found this on eBay 👀 List what you think are good deals here

From time to time I search through eBay just window shopping and sometimes I come across something that seems like a good deal…but for me…I don’t really need it…


I found this on eBay BUT please note…10mm shaft


RC03718RC03718 2RC03718 3 Feature

Shape : 6063 aluminum ,CNC craft, Thermal design and durable. Magnet : Strong Magnet, More powerful, Long service life. Shaft : Ensure that the center point accurate… Winding : 100% hand-winding, Low current. Silicon Steel : Japan imports,Low wastage, High efficiency. Bearing : High-speed bearing, Smooth , Low Resistence ,Low Noise. Copper wire : High Temperature , Low Current.

KV: 170 Shaft: 10mm Max A: 100A Max W: 3200W Efficiency: 85% lipo: 6-10S

Package Content 1 x Outrunner Brushless Motor 1 x Accessory Set


Size: 62.8 x 68mm Output Shaft: 24mm Shaft Diameter: 10mm Weight: 750g xxmm bullet connector Input Voltage: 4s-10s No-load Current: 1.4A Power: 3000W Pull: 6kg-10kg Recommended Setup:

Prop: 22 x 12, 26 x 10 Speed Controller: 120A ESC Support up to 10S LiPO Package Content:

6374-200KV motor x 1 Accessories pack x 1

This one wouldn’t let me copy text



The first one looks a little short to be a 6374 motor.

lol I know I read the spec I think it’s really a 60/63 which would explain its ball-like appearance :thinking:

I bought the first motor. It’s significantly noisier than the Turngy SK3 192Kv.

Louder like how @VladPomogaev?

Far more “whine” in general. High pitched too. Maybe it was just my motor though.

What kind of ESC?

Hobbyking 150a

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It’s prob because of the ESC…

Different ESC make motors sound different

Found these pulleys on ebay. Seem to be a good deal for someone.



Congrats, you found @MasterCho on Ebay :slight_smile:


I knew it looked familiar🤔

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buy the last one i got it to xD

This ebay listing is comical. Dude claims this is a 50mph board in some electric skateboard racing league.

“It is the only Powered Skateboard that is approved by the NAPSR, National Association Of Powered Skateboard Racing League.”


@jedi And he’s not wrong, that’s a piece of history right there, that’s one of very first electric skateboards I believe to be out there and I remember seeing a YouTube video about it they were on a track and I believe I saw @MoeStooge being in it. I do not agree with the price but they did hit 50mph with like this racing track that is small and curved at a angle type of thing


That’s fascinating. I’ve stumbled across this board or the “x-caliber “ type spec on eBay before. I chuckled at what looked like a primitive, ill conceived design, especially when paired with a “national league” description.

I suppose the quote about “standing on the shoulders of giants” is appropriate here. My first attempt at a gas powered board 15yrs ago as high school senior was utter dogshit. Never ran, pissed off parents, ruined our weed eater.

I look at my initial tinkering with boards on Instagram from only 2 yrs ago and I’m mildly embarrassed. I guess my current build (which I believe is approaching peak esk8 for its class and my subjective preference :wink:) is built upon the burned out drv’s and skinned knees of these literal trailer blazers.

A coffee table book of eskate milestones would be awesome. Id buy it or support one on a kickstarter.


We need this book lol

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