I have a new addiction! and its STRONG!

Copper and silicon got a hold of me and won’t let go!

I tell myself I can control it, just one(3) more! but they are getting bigger! and all of you are enablers! :laughing: Oshpark is my dealer, and eagle cad the vessel.

Game Changers coming soon! hurry up digikey!


Amazone prime ain’t got nothing on digikey, insane crazy fast shipping

Sorry, but what are those for?

@blasto actually digikey is on it! they shipped within hours! its ups i’m waiting on! markups for components on prime are too high and lots of fake/low quality stuff.

next time i’ll try mouser since they are in tx instead of mn.

@wmj259 its a surprise till I get the rest of the parts! but i’m sure someone could figure it out if they look close enough…

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im assuming remote+receiver :slight_smile:

I noticed the nrf

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