I have built this skateboard while waiting for the enertion raptor 2.1 that never came

as promised, here is my custom e-board;) completed during free time, outside of working hours and on weekends, piece after piece … almost sorry to have completed it :rofl::rofl:

36 Ah battery, 12S 12P, based on Lg hg2 battery cell. Position lights, beam lights,2 usb charging devices (max 3 A/h), digital battery dispaly. 110 mm wheels (torqueboard trucks and motors), digital controller (flipsky vx2 pro), double inn-charger battery (8Ah total : 4 each one), bluetooth connectivity for android vesc tool app.

Top speed : unknown :slight_smile: Range : unknow :slight_smile:

Looks like something @ChrisW would appreciate.

Nice build and sorry for the wasted craptor money

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Whoa! Its a raptor killer

This is really awesome. You should put a thread for this on the new forum!!! Many questions

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