I have some questions: ESC, Motor, Batteries, BEC


I was thinking about building a electric skateboard, to get around town and to school. Because I’m a student I don’t have much money to spend (, max. 600USD). I want to buy reliable and comatible components so i don’t blow any of them up.

BTW: I live in Switzerland in an area without any good hobby/rc shops, but i have a shipping-adress in Germany, Weil am Rhein.

Here’s a small list of the items i want to buy: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jm-svjnuW6sBMLawo7XlTaMTX4k5SqgpXGq28JJAq_E/edit?usp=sharing

Here are my Questions:

If i use 9s or 12s instead of the typical 6s at that pricepoint I get more voltage, that means the motor spins faster, so with a different gearing i get the same or more torque and speed + draw less amps, right? Are 100-120A enough in that situation?

Also, are 3 5000mAh 25C 3s LiPos enough to power such a setup?

I don’t know if the Turnigy SK3 6364 245KV supports 9s or 12s, does anyone have experience with such a setup, or know anything about that?

Can someone recommend a good, cheap BEC? Or should i just use 3-4 AAA batteries.

Are there any good motormounts (caliber clamp) with cheap shipping to Germany?

If someone has other suggestions for improvements for me, that would be great.

I am sorry if i have some dumb questions or thre’s something else wrong with my thread.

Thank you, for reading trough my thread!

You don’t have any wheels or trucks in your list. Also, the mech kit including shipping is 100 euro where the shipping alone is 40 euro. And FYI, there is no power supply included with the charger in your list so you’d need to get that as well if you haven’t got one already. I have no idea about the ESC. I’ve only used VESCs from Flier and Maytech.

I put together a list from protoboards in UK that has wheels, trucks and transmission. Shipping will be around 15-23eur to Switzerland.

Also, when ordering from Hobbyking, make sure you select EU warehouse else you will end up with customs fees. Hobbyking also has silicon wire (you can never have too much silicon wire in 10 and 12awg), connectors and shrink tube so no need to order them from Ebay.

This might be an option for you as well. It has everything you need except deck and batteries. Even electronics enclosure which I also saw is missing from your list.


I alread have a board with caliber trucks.

About the shipping on DIY-Electric Skateboards, i know it’s expensive, that’s why i asked for a motormount with cheap shipping. Thank you anyway, at least i can take a look at he motormount you included in that list.

I also saw the wire and connectors on HobbyKing, but i like to order from Ebay what I can, because i have experience with that, and everything is cheaper + a lot of items have free shipping.

Thank you for your response!

charging those batteries is going to be a pain. I would just use 2x 4s packs for 8s. and get an 8s balance charger from hk.

that esc costs enough that you should just use a vesc. $100 but worth it.

What’s special about the VESC that makes it so good?

nvm found a video from the enertion owner