I have to make a presentation about my build

Hi, I’m going to make a presention about my build in school next week and I was collecting ideas for the content of my presentation. I would talk about the software, the vesc and build itself, but there is a tight time budget of 5 to 8 min. What would you suggest me? My build is here:

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Talk about things people understand and compare it to known quantities, like a go cart

What are the requirements/background for the presesntation? I ask because you’ll want to talor your presentation to the audience. A shop class has a different audience than an engeneering class. In addition to the technical aspects of the build, You can talk about the social and economic aspects of the skate you made. If it’s a religion class you can talk about how you have to make peace with your maker before you try to commute to work on it. Et cetera.

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Don’t forget to mention safety gear


It’s a technical oriented high-school and I can dig a little bit into the technical aspect, but not too deep. :smile: The requirements for this are set by me. It is a project for the whole school year.

I would briefly mention the how the motors are powered with a pwm duty cycle and look up a picture to explain it.


Cool. Ok maybe talk about how it didn’t just go together perfectly the first time… overcoming adversity and all that…

FWIW, the first time I rode my 1st build, I lost a bunch of screw on the street and had to do the walk of shame, lol


btw same happened to me. I fogot the loctite :joy:

And I could persuade my teacher to stand on my board to test it. That would be cool :grin:

You put the board on a box on the desk, Rev the motors up, put something under the wheel (a foam ball ideally) and they will get a sense of the speed…also you get to shoot stuff

And I live in Germany, that means, that it is forbidden to drive on public streets right now. That could be a another point for my presentation.

When strangers ask me about my electric skateboard I sometimes tell them it’s like a bigger more powerful RC car. Most ppl can relate to a rc car. And I agree. Safety is number one.