I just bought a Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor and I need a second one

As the title says, I bought one of them, because it didn’t let me add a second one to my cart and now I need another one and its not in stock. I paid 89 for the one I bought, so I am willing to pay right under 100 for this second one if it’s in new condition, if it’s used, still message me and we will talk! Please someone help, I really want to finish my build!

This is the motor by the way here!

Check out BKB motors. They are sensored sk3 6374. I got mine for$79 on black Friday.

oof, theyre 120 right now…

Anyone have one of these? I’m willing to pay more than what I said…

Idk if you’re still looking but I saw them on hobbyking for $97. Link

Thinking of buying it for my board, how is one motor woking out for you?

I ended up back ordered it and they’re shipping it right now, personally, i like it, it’s like a more bulky sk3 192kv