I just wanted to say

Hi :wave:

I’ve been concentrating on my skate speakers a lot recently so I haven’t been on here much. And our weather has been sucking as well so not much riding. How is everyone doing?


Hello there @Sapphirinia

Since you use your esk8 for your musical gigs, what do you do in the sucky weather?


Doing good, sitting here, eyeballing my board, waiting for the rain to stop :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:


Drive and pay tolls and parking :cry:



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Ya it’s hard to say what’s worse watching the rain, or a board missing parts :frowning: glad you are doing well though :smiley:

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Here in Paris, France, this morning we had a blast ride and it was sunny ! An event of “Formule E” attends in Paris this weekend so there is a racing car track in the city (a “circuit” if it exists in english). It’s for electric car going to more than 200 km/h. We were allowed a 35-40 min session, to promote electric mobilities in general. So much fuc***g fun, with some fancy dress people !

Anyway, @Sapphirinia look at those pics while you wait for the sun :slight_smile:

(It’s a french forum but you can check the pics out)


You know, the usual, spending too much tine on here, not enough time riding and actually finishing projects!


That’s cool. It’s definitely raining like every other day here… It was sunny yesterday, I rode down my block and it started raining lol

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