I love esk8ing - thanks to you guys

Saying sorry after my little spat on here yesterday aimed at a certain retailer.

Just been into my town on my board, only a 3 mile round trip but had to go to the bank, it’s market day, and the easter holidays so parking car be a bit of a problem that’s why I took the board.

Got loads of comments and admiring glances, little kids shouting “it’s electric” etc, it was great and so much better than taking the car.

Got home and my batteries are only down to 78% so I think I’ve found the perfect balance of speed/power/range of this build, although I think an alternative remote is the next mod, as those mini r/c ones are just a bit too bulky - flipsky vx1 could be the way to go.

Thanks for this forum and all the information contained allowing this movement to continue among the masses



That is very nice to hear! Wish you many safe kilometers and enjoy!


The kids shout: " its electric!" hahahahaha Sounds familiar to me, i hear that every day hahahaha this doubles the fun.


Only kids? :laughing:

Almost everybody is looking and surprised

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not only the kids but they are always the loudest in shouting :rofl::rofl::rofl: Im like an alien where i live with my electric boards. nobody rides it except me in the city i live in

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We should do a Video something like the “10 minutes walking in new york as a woman” Video few years ago. :smiley:

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best thing is when they look at my barbie glitter grip tape while waiting for the green traffic light they are very confused hahahah 20190321_15095320190317_230732


We do something like that for our weekly groupride. Look up ESK8-il on Facebook. I’m pretty sure other local groups do the same thing.

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I will take a look. :smiley: