I love these electric personal transportations

Have been riding my electric longboard for some time. Just got my electric kick scooter, test it out in the parking, LOVE IT. Can’t wait for the weather to be warmer to ride it outside.

Debating if i should make a smaller electric longboard (penny size), or get a OneWheel next

Make an electric on a Powell-Peralta Lance Mountain Reissue deck, you won’t regret it

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I would get an OneWheel just to see how it feels. :kissing_smiling_eyes: A penny size esk8 doesn’t feel all that special from a longboard.

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I had a OneWheel and did not really like it. It would be fun if you have that off-road need but otherwise I decided to stick to skateboard. It’s easier to go to stock with. The OW is built like a tank!


Wanted something i can easily carry around in the mall. Carrying the longboard around the mall is so damn tired

Really? but other than the weight, what make you dislike it?

I wanted to, but a Mountainboard alone is like $2000+

Edit: Wait, i got confuse, i thought you meant a Mountainboard. What the different between Powell-Peralta Lance Mountain Reissue deck and a regular skateboard deck?

The shape, that’s all. Put a handle on the front

Let me look into it. I want to see the actual deck first, but it seems small, but wide enough for the battery pack

Looks like this. Tap on the photos because they’re cut off by discourse

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The OW is awkward to carry becuase the huge wheel gets in the way. Imagine holding your board with you arm stretched out 2 feet away from you body…now try to walk.

What I didn’t like about the onewheel is mostly the stopping and getting off part. You have to lift your heel off the front sensor pad, the board will turn off after a second or two and you essentially fall back and slam the rear on the ground. Other way of getting off is stop, stay balanced, then hop off, the OW will either roll forward or backward a bit then fall down, or it would just fall over. It’s a fun ride as long as you don’t plan to get off. For an actual commute, a skateboard is much better.

I think it’s a good idea to add a handle to your board. Also wearing a glove really helps with carrying your board. Find the perfect balance and the board will be effortless to carry. Mall grab is not easy with a longboard


If the handle is on the FRONT, not the side, and the deck is 31" or shorter, the handle stays clean (alleviating the need for gloves) and it’s super-easy and convenient to carry and use as a transportation device. That’s why I suggested the exact deck I did :wink:

The deck I posted is the Jet Spud so that’s 29. I put it on the side to ensure it never drags.

The glove thing is not for cleanliness. Just better to have that layer due to weight

But then you have to bend down to pick it up.

:thinking: I’m already fat using these thing. Might as well


How big is your battery pack? i see that the screws are really close to each other

I have a scooter too. I love it but I use it only on flat. My skateboard can climb much better.

It has a metal strap around it, this one is a 5Ah

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definitely, but i think i will like it more when i am lazy don’t feel like riding longboard

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mind showing me the bottom how you set it up?