I need a 35° HOLYPRO TRAMPA kiteboard Deck used with bindings I also need wheels

Please contact me if you have one of those items. I live in the Nederlands

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Doing some minor mods hey? Exercise the POWER!!! Nice clean up.

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Hi. Your title is inaccurate and confusing. A trampa kite board has 15 degree ends, not 35. Trampa Kiteboards use trampa “skate trucks”. 35 degree mountainboards/carveboardd use spring trucks. Either the mini for carve builds or ATB spring trucks for all terrain setups. Choose your poison. :grin:

Edit: apparently trampa sells 35 degree holypro from their Kiteboards deck selection. So maybe I was a little fast to respond. Hope you find what your looking for :blush:

Bonus info: trampa info is also all over the place. On the product photo it says 35 degree. But if you click schematics you can see the angle as 30 degrees. Confused? I am :thinking: