I Need a Drive Train Expert (Pulleys/Belts/Wheel)

What pulleys/belt should I be using?

Drive Train: I have supplies shipping (Battery/Motor/ etc.) but I have not figured out the drive train mechanics.

Motor Setup: 280kv 6s Brushless

Battery: Two 3s LiPo in Series

Wheels: 65mm

I am specifically wondering what the teeth/width/length/(Distance apart b/w pulleys?) I should be using for my timing belt, motor pulley, and wheel pulley in order to maximize my speed given these parts.

  • I have been doing research and everything seems to provide different/complicated answers that have not been much help.

p.s. this is my first post on esk8, I love reading these. I am finally part of the community and have a DIY board in progress.

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Why not just get a motor mount and pulley kit from one of the regular vendors? Did you already get that motor?

Use this: http://calc.esk8.it/#{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:200,“system-efficiency”:90,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:83}|

For your wheels…you should have at least 80mm big wheel…Try Flywheels, or their clones, which are pretty cheap, or Orangtangs…for pulleys we usually use 14-16 teeth motor pulley, 32-40 teeth wheel pulley, 265mm long belt all of them are HTD5 and 9-15mm wide (12mm for single drive, 9mm for dual drive, 15mm can also be used, but it depends on thickness of your motor mount)

these links might help you: https://sdp-si.com/eStore/CenterDistanceDesigner http://www.eskatenation.com/directory/motors/

Another great resource is this post by onloop. He goes into a lot of detail, but it is well worth the read.

You also may consider getting some bigger wheels that readily accept pulleys, such as the ABEC 11 or Kegel Orangutan. You can get ABEC 11 copies on eBay for around $20. 65mm is good for a regular longboard, but when it comes to electric, you really want something bigger. Makes the whole ride a lot smoother.

Yeah I already got the motor and I pretty determined to do this build without buying kits or anything like that!

Yeah I think that will probably be my best bet wheel wise. Thank you!

Awesome! Very helpful! I appreciate it very much! You da bomb.

I would further stress the difference bigger and higher quality wheels makes.

83mm would be my absolute bare minimum size wise. You can get the 20$ flywheel clones and they work OK, but if you can spare the $ get the legit flywheels and get the softest duro you can find (75/78 iirc) - will make the ride smoother.

Depending on your roads and where you plan to ride - super rough - go bigger (90, 97, MBS 100’s). Again get the softest you can find. You will thank me later!

My favorite setup was my Subsonic GBomb on flywheel 97’s - super smooth and cush (the drop brackets do flex and take some vibration/bumps out).

Welcome and GL!

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I’ve got a few kits left pretty much as cheap as things get if you’re interested.

This is probably the most common ratio for gears that people use.