I need advice on BMS

I have an good offer for a Samsung 30q battery pack, but i am not sure about the build in BMS. The supplier send me the spec. sheet so i would really appreciate if someone more knowledgeable than me could tell me if this BMS is suitable for esk8ting or not. This are the spec. sheets.

Assuming that it is not bypassed for discharge, The one thing you will need to make sure is that your Regen brake setting “Batt Min Current” is no more than -10a for single drive or -5a for dual drive since the max charge current of the bms is 10a.

If I remember correctly, this will affect braking power at higher speeds.

Hey Namasaki, thank you so much for your help! I already had given up on this thread. I really have to read more of the content provided on this forum, sorry for my noob questions. I still don´t understand the whole concept of braking. My question is, even if my regen. braking is on the lower side will i have decent braking, or is regen. braking and braking tied together? Thanks in advance!