I need help about battery

I have a 12ah battery on my street board. No range anxiety. Pneumatics cut range in half, so keep in mind that a 2p will be like only 5ah on pneumatics

How much range do u want? How much do you weigh, and what’s the terrain like? Hills? Flat?

Correction, 2p will be 10ah, but will act like a 5ah would because of the pneumatics.

I want min 15-20 km range and my weight is 75 I will not got lots of hill maybe a few times. Generally, I will drive it in street

I think a 10ah battery will be fine for that. I personally would probably shoot for a 12ah 36volt to be on the safe side, but size restraint can be an issue. Are you mounting on top or below deck?

It will be in top side

Go big with the battery. You’ll never be dissatisfied with a big battery. The higher the ah the less strain you will put on it, and it will perform better and last longer. If I were doing a top mount, I would build a giant brick of 21700 cells spot welded together in parallel packs with nickel strip, and braided copper wire for serial connections. Lol. it would be a lot more difficult than just buying some lipos and connecting them. Probably a good idea to start with the lipos, and then eventually get into building your own batteries. just make sure you protect the lipos well they have a tendency to swell and can rub against the case or each other under vibration. Swelling and rubbing can lead to venting and possible fire. Not trying to scare you, but you may want to watch a few videos on battery safety.

Remember one thing: mountain board uses >20wh/km. This means that on flat surface, 10ah will get you 3,7x10x10=370wh 370/20=18.5km of range. 4 of these

Or 4 of these

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Actually, I know, but 21700 is so expensive. Might be I can make it 18650

AliExpress has rebranded 21700 cells that are phenomenal. You can buy 40 cells for $120. 4000mah each. You could build a for 4P10s pack. 4p would get you 60amps continuous current which is enough battery current. You can use 18650s. I like the 21700 because they are less quantity to weld together. I have these particular cells in a build right now. Phenomenal battery pack!Screenshot_20181110-092449

Ali cells are fake. They might have the capacity but not discharge

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Not exactly true. Litokala are rebranded cells. I’ve used them in many batteries. Even in a high current ebike. I’ve never had issues with them. IMG_20180903_142743037 this bike will do 60 miles per hour! I’m pretty sure the cells are real. You should do your research before you call something fake. Thanks


I don’t have lots of time. I have one week so I can’'t buy from ali

Just buy the big lipos. You can build a battery in the future. You won’t be dissatisfied with the 16ah lipos. They will get you 20km. Buy the best rated ones you can afford. Read the reviews. I personally like the graphene professionals. Like what was said earlier, c ratings are usually inflated. At 75 kilos, 20-30 C continuous on a 16ah battery, you’ll be flying with the right gearing.