I need help about battery

I am trying to build my DIY electric mountainboard I bought most of things and I did list about what I bought. Now I have to buy batteries. I will buy 5000mah two batteries but how much C I need? What I bought:

Board Motors ESC BMS Receiver

Edit: batteries will be series !!!

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C rating is seriously inflated on most lipos. So it’s worth going for a higher rating.

Graphenes from hobbyking are not bad at 20-30c

Zippys you should aim for 60.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong please.

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@keremthesiradan dude you’ve literally been texting me on instagram and i told you what you can and can’t use


bro the graphenes have far higher discharge at like 60-90c. the Zippy FlightMax’s have a 30-40c output at 8ah 5s


You are correct, personally I use 20-25c and they work perfectly with only a little bit of sag

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Correct, C rating is often inflated. Graphenes are good. Are you connecting 2 5000mah batteries in series or parallel? If in parallel, c rating doubles. 5000mah x 30 = 150 amps per battery.

Actually c rating doesn’t double, capacity does thus more amp out put.

@mynamesmatt graphenes aren’t actually 60-90c tho what he’s saying is that in reality they are 20-30c

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gotcha 10char

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Lol. More amp output translates to higher c.

Erm no, c rating is the multiplication output of the battery. It is c rating x mah. If you double c rating then some people will also double the mah and end up with incorrect numbers.

C rating is NOT amp out put. Amp out put is c x mah

C rating is the continuous current that can be drawn from a battery. Each parallel connection increases the continuous current ability of the total pack by the adding the c ratings together thus doubling in a 2p pack.

NO. C rating is not current output. The amp output is the c rating times the mah. They are separate things. The reason the amp output increases is because you are adding more mah thus a high multiplication.

Just buy the graphenes. If you get 20c that equals 100 amp continuous. 3 minutes of fun if you run at full current output til empty

Ok buddy whatever. Maybe you should focus on how much current you will need, and then pick a battery that will support that decision.

Um…salt? I know how this stuff works, I’ve got 20+ lipos

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“thus a high multiplication” is a false statement. C rating of a battery is measured in (mAh) © which equals current output. If you add a battery of same c rating in parallel, you add the two Max current outputs together. No multiplication involved.


10s5000mah 10c 5ah x 10c = total output of 50a

10s10000mah 10c output 10ah x 10c = 100a

I get what you’re trying to say but noobs will go “oh ok so c rating doubles” and go

10ah x 20c = 200a

True. Good breakdown of the math.

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So, series Battery x2 enough or not ?

Sounds like current output is sufficient. Range might be short. I like big batteries, and I cannot lie!