I need help with Solidworks Motor mount or Hub files

Hi everyone.

This is a bit of a tricky one.

I have made a evolve AT clone with 6x2 wheels. But i dont have the Hubs. So i bought the metal hubs from china. But i can not find a way to attach a pully (66T HTD5M 15mm) to it. I have a friend that can do CNC machining and such. So im looking for files to fix this.

I Either need a complete Hub and pulley files set.

Otherwise i need some motor mounts for the 218mm Torque trucks in reverse position.

I have right now some Hobbyking mounts but they are to small if i should use the steel hubs otherwise it will hit the mount when turning

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Got some pictures of the tyres? I can try and help


Thank you. I have tried a 3d printed mount that you can find the STL files for here. That fits in terms of size so nothing hits here. So if this can modified to be able to be made with CNC that would fix the problem of course without getting wider. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17oxFwyfbDOhmKw51NYaPr5MKjowkmGI8?usp=sharing

IMG_20181023_000307 IMG_20181023_000309 IMG_20181023_000253 IMG_20181023_000314 IMG_20181023_000254 IMG_20181023_000238 IMG_20181023_000234 !

Does this thread help?

I was about to say those hubs look exactly like the ones in the thread you posted