I need help with the correct balance lead

So I’m balance charging my two 3S liPos and bought a balance charger - iMAX B6AC V2 I thought it would be straight forward, I buy the charger and 6S to 2* 3S lead to balance charge them. I bought this JST-XH 8-Pin 6S to 2* 3S balance lead https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172475519005

These were the connectors and when it came to plugging the batteries to the 3S connectors it connected fine but the 6S connector did not fit in the 6s port on the balance charger the 6S lead has 8 pins and the ballance charger has only 7. I was wondering if anyone could link me a compatible ballance lead and any questions please ask. Any help would be appreciated

There are diagrams on how to solder it, or just buy a adapter

An adapter?

This is what you need… http://www.ebay.com/itm/391490497637

This is the adapter you need to balance charge your 2 3s Lipos in series with a 6s charger. Note that this adapter puts your balance leads in series so you will connect your main battery wires in series and charge your 2 3s packs like they where 1 6s pack. Also note that you must take care to connect everything correctly. Not just any way. If you are not sure how to hook it all up, I can make you a diagram.

Alright cheers fellas

Ok, here ya go:

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Old thread but I was looking for a straight-forward diagram for the balance leads. Some versions of the adapter only have 3 pins on one of the ends, so the inside wires going to pin 3 on your diagram there is only 1 in this scenario. Is it okay to do it like that? And does it matter which side you use (black wire vs red wire in this case)

Connecting the Red wire from batt 1 and the black wire from batt 2 together to pin 3 is actually redundant. They are already connected electrically when the batteries are in series. Because the Red balance wire from batt 1 is connected to the Red Main wire from batt1 And the Black balance wire from batt 2 is connected to the Black main wire from batt 2

What I actually do is connect the Red wire from batt 1 to pin 3 of the adapter and leave the black wire from batt 2 unconnected.

ok thats what I thought, thanks for confirming. Ya I don’t even have the option to connect both, the ones from HB come with 4 pins on one side and 3 on the other