I need hub wheels

Can someone please help me to get wheels for my hub motors I have the koowheel D3M the wheels are cracked i need some replacements but I can’t find any website or anything can you guys help me out please

Thank you

I don’t think they sell replacements. I believe, you need to buy a new hub motor.

I don’t think a urethane problem is worth buying a whole new hub motor - as long as that’s what your talking about as “cracked”. @Izopo try to take off the urethane you have, use it to craft a mold, and maybe use @Hummie’s method to pour your own replacement.

This ought to help a bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXZqoN5N4oo

at this price I would try to pour my own wheels, but since you bought a koowheel you’re probably not trying to diy anything… :joy:

Thank you guys…to be honest I just wanted to be a little bit more green so I started looking in to electric skateboard since I commute 9 miles from my house to work…first thing that came up it was the boosted board way to expensive n then I saw the koowheel for $549 I started doing research about mods n that’s how I found this forum now I’m thinking on building a mountain board but I don’t have that much time so it’s gonne take me a while but I’m confident that I will find all the material in here to build it

Hey #lzopo

  1. you should ask yourself how far do you want to go and how fast you want to be?
  2. Is it supposed to be weatherproof?
  3. On what kind of ground would you like to drive it rather for the road or for the terrain? There are a lot of different engines: Inwheel engine with ureathan wheels Inwheel engine with All Terrain tires Brushless lifting motor Brushless Outrunner Bruschless Inrunner etc.

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