I really need help

Morning to all I really need help with hopefully a good bang for your buck budget build. I’ve I understand what I need for a basic components to make an electric skateboard. However when it get’s down to all of the specs I get lost very quickly. My main issue is trying to understand the compatibility between motor’s and batteries. I like many used to be I am a complete beginner to all of this :slight_smile:. When i tried to use the Motor to Battery configuration Calculator I was completely Lost! I was hoping to be spending around £250-£300 longboard ESK8. Could someone help find me compatible motor, Vesk and battery parts that arent tooooooooooo pricey!

First, determine what your board will be used for, and how high performance you expect. Then, go to ESK*news, and find some build threads, that do what you want. Start with your deck and the enclosure. Then purchase your other components.

Consider with your budget, that you might find a build that is broken in a known way, or get a mfged board, and upgrade.

Then, consider that diy is expensive, and selling a complete is almost not worth it. Thus, you can get a build someone has outgrown, for cheap.

But whatever you do, dont go off the reservation on techniques. Many folks have done the painful lessons for you. So learn from them.

And be realistic about your battery building prowess, as they can do you harm.

Last, unless you are crafty, you will take quite a while to collect all the parts. So consider if diy from scratch is wise for you.