I sell all my Parts!

Hello guys, Because of illness and resulting that I have no time to finish it, I will sell all parts. (Most of them new/unused)


Price: I don’t know what’s I can get for it…

But I can send it for an extra cost in all countries. Pls ask me for it. I am from Germany.

Oo What have you done to your truck :smiley: ? This thing will probably snap on your first ride!

Hope you will get better soon! And good luck selling :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s one thing I will sell it I bought the wrong gear so I had to reduce the truck that it fits and now I don’t have that time to do that again. Btw jeah the one truck is for trash probably. And thx :wink:

How much each for the batteries and also your wheels please? I’m in the UK.

I forgot, I searching for someone who want to buy all together. Later when noone wants it I will sell the parts extra.


Oh, ok. No worries…

Hi, Is that VESC or not? What would be its price?

cmon dude :slight_smile: ! Ur almost done. Spring and summer are ahead !

Best wishes from Germany :wink:


You should throw that hanger away right now. Uou just can’t sell that!

I am interested in all but the truck setup.

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Jeah the trucks are not good anymore :wink:

Please send me a PM.

Hello from Austria Would buy the vesc and the motor :slight_smile:

All sold? Anything left?