I sell my MTB board... Trampa Deck, Trampa Trucks, Focbox, battery 10s5p + dobble 6S LIPO EU

Hi, due to a house change I am selling my eSK8/eMTB. Built on Trampa base:

  • Trampa Short Deck with also attacks for the feet always Trampa
  • Vertigo Tramp Trucks complete with HYPA hubs, yellow dampas. Yellow engine mounts and 3500 watt one and 130kv engines, chain transmission (made by Overion, who attends the eSK8 forum knows who I am talking about). The motors should be sensorized but I have never been able to make them work properly even using different escs so I cut the sensor cables, if someone is capable enough it is probably worth checking the continuity of the sensors, however the motors work well even without sensors and without the starting push, so I never worried
  • Double focbox with Bluetooth module and 3dServisas case (FocBox fully operational but one is damaged, during a power on it flashed and a small diode exploded. I don’t know how it is possible but the focbox has not stopped working, and for today after about six months, it continues to work)
  • 10s5p 10Ah Li-ion battery with charger (currently mounted on the table) not very powerful but excellent for learning
  • Battery box and self-built and 3D printed unit. Redone more than once to find adequate impact resistance looking for the smallest footprint
  • pair of new batteries LIPO 6S 22.2V 45C 6200 mAh. I had bought them to put them in series and obtain a concrete power of a 12S to make the board wheel up, but I didn’t have time to test it. The batteries were put into storage mode and returned to the box.

if interested i have full body armor for sale

I’m Sorry, I forgot to enter the price! I ask for 1000€ for everything.

hi mate what are motor sizes thanks

hi, the motors are 6374 at 130kv and 3550W max each