I think I bricked my VESC

I think I bricked one of my VESCs its lights blink blue and the receiver for the remote I’m using doesn’t have power (all connections are good) also when I plug it into my computer to the VESC tool it says “No Port” does this mean it is bricked or something else I have tried 3 different computers as well as 2 different cords both the VESCs are saying “No Port” when I plug them in but only one is blinking also when I put the receiver into my other vesc it doesn’t come on. I have been working on this for weeks now and have only riden it once.

Not to sound totally careless but did you click connect on the vesc tool?


Although I think there is something else wrong in your case, since you have no power to the receiver, here is a thread I made when one of my Focboxes got bricked.

Also possible he is trying to connect via the wrong COM port.

Try the other COM port options

Start at the beginning when you want help my friend. What vesc? What connection canbus or split ppm What set up? Put in as much detail as you can so its easier to attract people that have had similar issues.

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Yes when I click connect on the vesc tool it says “no port”

Hmmm get another cable, over 60 precent of mini USB cables and micro USB cables don’t carry data, get a cable from tb