I think I found the supplier for the raptor 2 decks

Company name is called 东莞市鑫达体育用品有限公司, was looking at deck factories when I came across this. image

Don’t know why the lady is installing a random truck instead of the cnc ones raptor uses on it though, maybe they’re selling it to other customers?


That makes it all clear then. lol
Ps did you search up suitcase or decks?

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No not a chinese company. They wouldn’t do that. Strict branding policies the chinese.


I think the their English name is foxen or something

Do you have a link ?

Quick phone search


yeah that’s it. They have some pretty nice decks although you need to individually dig into each product page’s pics since they don’t list them all

Oh and their moq is a hundred and above I think, I’m trying to get samples right now

@b264 look, they have your favorite deck lol. image


Are you in the UK or China?

I’m currently in china

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can anyone find the link for the actual deck on the site?

Good find, There’s a few brands here that white-label Foxen because they use verified Canadian-sourced lumber in every layer (in their premium line, anyway).

Apparently they’re not selling it due to design being owned by enertion but I was told it’s 47 usd a piece, compared to their 13 usd decks which already seem pretty high quality


Oh snap, it’s pretty darn close!

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Or they are just using it to see where to drill the holes to mount the raptor trucks…

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Interesting bit of trivia for the deck. Although I wouldn’t suggest considering it for a DIY setup. There are better options out there.

image image

looks like the bamboo gt deck even has holes drilled out for the evolve enclosure. This is from another factory though.

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