I think I fried my battery. Any help?

I have a 10s4p Samsung 30q pack(with BMS) that I only used once then I stored it for a few months. Today while rigging the positive/negative charging terminals I accidentally shorted it for a split second. I didn’t see any smoke and visually the pack looked fine.

Then I took it out for a ride. The battery got down to 92% then dead to 0%. I had to push the board back. When I got home it showed 92% again.

I don’t think it was a loose connection because the battery meter was still on showing 0%. I’m thinking that maybe because I shorted it the battery will die when it’s under load after a while?

are you just going off a battery meter? or have u used a multimeter? id start with a multimeter and check the leads? could be the bms…could be more…

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You gotta be more specific. Energy doesn’t just disappear.

Don’t freak out! Dead BMS. BMSs don’t tolerate shorts! But also search for ripped solder or weld-joint (Could also be a cause).

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Did you use Olive Oil?