I think we all made a mistake. Should have went balance charger, with voltage adjustable

Sure, they had to idiotproof it all. But, a 14s capable balance charger, with 80,90,100% charge, would have our batteries last up to four times longer.

Instead, we have to go WAY past charge, to do any balance at all. And even then, that only works on healthy battery. New and equal cells.

If it was a 240v plug I think it could be plug in. And it would be VERIFIED as working. It could be just as safe as a bms, if folks were diligentish.

Instead, we have to haul the bms along for the ride.

I have scoured the internet, looking for a solution, there is none. Unless you go chargery, or cellpro. Or Icharger, at mega dollars.

If it is simply lack of interest, then build it and they will come.

What say you?

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I guess you’re talking about something like this?

How does it balance?

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it doesn’t do that, so I suppose you still need a balance circuit. There are some really compact ones that are relatively simplye/cheap…

The world of balance chargers needs to evolve.

There is this 12s balance charger:

or this one:

Havent used either of those so I cant vouch for them. Until balance charging hits the higher cell counts we’re after I’d suggest making 2 6s packs and connecting them in series. Then you could separate them and use a hobby charger to balance charge each 6s or 7s pack.

I have the earlier version of this active cell balancer and it works well. But I dont know how it would take being plugged in while charging a pack at the same time:


Dont bother with the 1.2A version of that balancer. Its slower than balancing with an ISDT BattGo BG-8S.

Most that have looked at active balance, said that it only used pairs of balance. Are you saying that it is any and all that will balance? And reconfigure as needed to balance all cells?

I got the 1.2 amp and was warned off using it. They are supposed to work at all times, so I could plug in at night. I think it is supposed to be able to be used while charging. I think the balance lead is same as BMS, so it could be swapped. I originally wanted to install the balance lead on outside of enclosure.

I dont know what you mean by “pairs of balance.” Its possible that it takes current from one cell and has to pass it along to an ajacent cell rather than anywhere in the pack, but that wouldnt stop it from balancing any number of cells up to its maximum.

I dont have much experience with the 1.2a version as its suuuper slow. Its just sitting here collecting dust.

The 5a version balances my 6s packs with no issues. And its capable of balancing up to 17 cells. You do have to take care plugging and unplugging these. Connecting the ground side of the plug first will help and as youtuber Will Prowse found out, disconnecting one of the wires in the middle while leaving the rest plugged in can easily fry the 1.2a version. I put some clear silicone goop around the 14s JST-xh plug to keep this from happening.

Ebay has 12, 14 and 16s JST-xh and if you cant find them theres always Digikey or Mouser.

Oh, and if you’re going to overnight balance with one of these, suggest parking it next to a smoke detector. The thing about cheap Chinese electronics is, it works until it doesnt. For me it takes just a couple of hours to balance a 4ah 6s pack. Cells end up at 4.83, 4.84v etc. Within .01v.

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I feel like it doesn’t matter a whole lot how long the battery lasts if all the internal electronics are fried because of all the water that got inside.

From leaving holes big enough to plug in balance charging stuff.

I feel like a BMS + brick charger is a lot better. We just need a BMS that can be programmed from the VESC over CANBUS to balance at 80% et cetera, from your android.