I want to build a monster mountainboard

Hi guys! I want to share some thought about a build i’m thinking of doing.

I live in Sweden where we have a lot of snow in the winter and many steep hills with bad roads in the summer. That’s why I want to build a four wheel drive mountainboard that can give me good grip on the snowy roads in the winter.

This is the parts I want in my build:

1x Trampa mountainboard - 500€ 2x Enertion Unity VESC - 450€ 2x DIYElectricSkateboard Trampa motor mount - 450€ 4x DIYElectricSkateboard 6374 190kV motors - 450€ 1x 12S5P Battery pack (18650 Li-Ion Samsung 30Q) - 240€ with nickel strips 1x Battery case (generic) - ≈ 50€ 1x Simple Controller - 40€

TOTAL: 2180€ / 2480$ / 22400kr (+ shipping, taxes, cables, connections and other ≈ 2300€)

What do you guys think of this setup? It’s a bit expensive I admit but if i’m gonna upgrade from my current longboard I want something really special and kind of extreme :smiley:

Any kind of help is appreciated! :slight_smile:


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Why not getting motors from eu sellers so you don’t have to pay import taxes… Streetwing, eskating.eu, electricboardsolutions, lazyrolling (will probably start selling motors soon), bioboards (will sell motors i believe)

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Seems solid but there’s only one monster board.

This would only be a idk mountain lion board.


check out https://www.unikboards.com/en/ His shop has alot of MTB stuff. Btw what wheels are you gonna use?

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Oh and the right tires are where it’s at, 9”+ the 8” tires are just too skinny when you need it. 3D servisas now have a 9” wheel with superstar bolt pattern

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I think a lot of things already have been told. If you in Eu you can save a lot of import taxes if you order from Eu vendors. I personally wouldn’t go below 9“ if you build a Quad. Your battery pack seems a bit small for such a setup. Which trampa mounts you exactly plan to buy? Could you link it? Do you plan to go belts or chains? Maybe gear drive is an option? I also wouldn’t go so high in kV. 150-170kV seems to be a good range. Have a look on the unik site. They Eu and have great sealed 6374 motors and a great fast customer service by @okp :wink: They are a bit more expensive than the tb motors but if you add your import tax (how much is it in Sweden?) I think it’s not so much a big difference anymore.

PS: the price you calculate is definitely not much for a quad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and be aware that your board is going to get heavy. 20-25kg will be probably likely.

Edit: you life in a dark country, think about a good light system too. Helps a lot!


This :arrow_up: :arrow_up: For example: in Austria, you pay a hella of a lot taxes… For example: I ordered 10Pcbs and a bunch of small parts for 50$ and paid 28$ taxes… :slight_smile:


A 12S5P with 30Q cells will have huge voltage sag with all that power. Either go for a 12S7P or 8P or better yet go with LiPos


You could make your board a saber tooth tiger board if you go with these: https:///collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6380-170kv


No he can’t because he plan to get a battery which can output only 100a. He could also run 4x50xx motors and would get similar performance. 4x 4.12 vesc and save more than half of the money for the two unities too. 25A per vesc…for what there is s need for 6380 motors???

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Great idea! Thank you! I’m currently using the motors i listed so that’s why they were my first choice :slight_smile:

Haha that is awesome :smiley:

Not really sure. Probably some that are more off- than on-road!

I can definitely change the battery pack and go with the 6380 motors. I want the Unity VESC as they have built in BMS and bluetooth module. Also they can handle a lot of current IF i upgrade the other stuff later on :slight_smile: I’m running a VESC 4.12 on my single drive “summer”-longboard and I have a problem with heat even after I mounted heatsinks on the mosfets…

I’ll probably upgarde to like 8S instead as the 18650 can handle more charge cycles than the LiPo’s

The LiPo’s are a lot cheeper though. I might just go for 4x 6S LiPo’s at like 5000mAh and get 12S2P with 10’000mAh :slight_smile: Plus a lot higher current output

Just a quick clairification, the focbox Unity does not have a built in bms, it does not do individual cell monitoring nor balancing. What it does do, it can auto-shutoff if left ON, preventing from drainning the battery


Unity has no BMS built in and it’s not a VESC. It makes use of the Open Source VESC code and FW but is not compatible with VESC Tool. Bluetooth modules can be hooked up to any VESC based ESC. On a MTB build you might have to moove the module to a location not blocking your signal to much anyway.


A 8s will not really be enough power for a mountain board

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