I want to charge my lipos without taking them of the board how do i do that?

I’dont know how i am suppose to wire my lipos if i want them to be connected in myck system but still charge. I’m gonna buy 2 x 3s 5000mah do you have any recommendations on batterys that will get me more riding time. I’m gonna buy


this motor kit.

Pls help

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Use the search function, this has been discussed many times already. You will need a BMS.

can you link me that becuse i dont find it


Theirs always a way to setup it up by charging it with a imax b6 etc. Look st great Scott diy project on youtube or instuctables. The wiring he does iz in part 3

Herr it Is. Hope it helped :slight_smile:

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So that is 2 batteries in series, with it being that you can attach the charging connector to either XT60 at the bottom of both side and flipping that switch?

No that pic looks like it in parallel

:head_bandage: facepalm not sure why I said series, I probably jumped a colored wire.

Solder your balance and charge wires to a vga plug and mount it on the side of your enclosure. If you dont want to solder you can buy a premade kit from miami boards at a fairly reasonable price.

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thx for the help

Thx for the help man appreciate it

Yea I made a vga port plug like above then soldered the balance plug leads to the rest of the pins and same on the deck side.


Whered you find the plastic housing for your charging cable?

Here’s a link to a post about my setup: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/full-community-build-6374-190kv-7s2p-9000mah-vesc/9093/16

The batteries don’t come off the board, I just disconnect the power and balance cables from the board, and plug them into the charger.

The easiest, safe way to charge without a BMS or having to remove the battery(s)…

Brought a blank vga from online.