I went over my budget....again

29" x 7.5" Cruiser with a kicktail. First fuck up, I bought chain drive thinking it would fit my first build which has caliber trucks. NOPE. Second fuck up, on the website of the chain drive, it said 8044 wheels so I’m thinking I’ll just buy the wheels. Got the wheels. NOPE Third fuck up, I think well since I already bought the chain drive and the 8044 wheels then might as well make a small board. So I bought the 29" x 7.5" deck, motor mout for round trucks and 150 mm paris trucks. I did a lot of research before buying these items but turn out the motor mount doesn’t fit the DAMN FUCKING TRUCK.
So now I gotta find a way to mount the motor on the SHORT paris truck. For sure I have to file the paris truck down, which is a headache. Or TorqueBoard restock their damn HUBs. It’s been too long now. hey-zuse take da wheel.

… Please help me…

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Use in weld and 1 set screw on a mount with a circular hole to mount.

thing is the motor mount doesn’t even fit the truck. Either I have to file down the diameter of the truck or the inner diameter of the ring that goes into the motor mount.

drill the mount hole bigger

i’d vote “file the truck”

if you have access to a lathe that works better

That motor mount does not work well. I ended up building my own mount and just used the steel motor arm. The thing with diy is that dometime you just have to make your own parts if you want to save money and things the work right.


Dude do some diy its aluminium you can do anything with it, remove some of the truck for the mount to fit

@faithfulpuppy unfortunately no. @Wilsonliang777 where did you get that motor mount? @Acido yeah that’s plan A after the final exams.

I made the mount out of a block of aluminum. All you need is a drill, a sander and a filer and about 3hours.


And patience, lot’s of patience !

IMG_2226 IMG_2227 Update about this short electric skateboard. Everything works fine now. I 3D printed the green rod thingy for holding the battery and the component in place. I’m planning to either print the enclosure or use kydex sheet. Thanks for those who helped.