I wonder vs nextdrive electric board

**nextdrive ** : http://www.plasticskateboard.cn/product/60289825664-215571643/World_lightest_2_engines_motor_backfire_carbon_fiber_1900watt_36v_power_lithium_battery_cheap_electric_skateboard.html i-wonder :https://i-wonder.en.alibaba.com/product/60455933468-803166455/I_WONDER_24V_8_8AH_18650_Lithium_Battery_RC_SK_D_Electric_Skateboard_with_Dual_Drive_1200W_2_DC_Brushless_Hall_Sensor_Motor.html Which one faster thank

battery of nextdrive

is this 9S or 10S?

This was sold als Fiik Spine with 9 cell 33V 7Ah with LiFePo4. But the alibaba specs say 36V Lithium-Ion wich I think may be wrong.

I think fiik will have them in Stock around August for $1600 aud. No one has tested an I-wonder. I wanted to get my hands on one but they don’t reply to emails.

I recently bought what was called the category 5 from Electric Academy for $1200 bucks! I should have known it was just a China board that they were middle Manning. My battery pack shorted out the second time I rode it, and the company refuses to honor my warranty, since they know they are in the wrong. I need to know how to stop the short or get a new vesc so the batteries burn up again.