Icarus ESK8 - 3D Printed Enclosure Modular Approach

Hello there,

I have been thinking to build my own DIY ESK8 for a while now. Today I started the planning process. This is what I came up with and would love to hear some feedback.


I want to keep the board as flexible and slim as possible. So what I am thinking is a 10s3p battery split into 10 modules. Each 1s3p module is in a 3D printed enclosure.

ESC, BMS and everything has to go into another 3D printed enclosure.

What do you guys think? Or better having two bigger enclosures split and the middle open?

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i’d eliminate the horizontal splits. Your board doesn’t flex that way so there’s no need to have it.

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Yeah I agree on the horizontal splits - unnecessary. Just make five 2S3P modules instead. I’ve built a fully modular 10S7P pack with ten modules that can be taken apart and on paper it might sound cool, but the reality is the more “modular” parts you have the messier all the connections and wire management gets.

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thank you @maxchilton and @niuva !

Yeah makes sense to get rid of the horizontal splits!

@niuva that’s a very good point. Wiring will be a pain, getting two wires from the BMS to every module doesnt sound like an easy task.

Damn, now I am rethinking it all :smiley:

I have an old deck sitting around. Its a Landyachtz Switch from 2011

fairly similar to the new Switch: image

Now wondering if this might be the smarter move for a first time build and buy an enclosure instead of printing.

What are your thoughts on the clearance to the ground? I was thinking to add spacers and 100 or even 110mm wheels.

Honestly I’d steer clear of the drop deck. Clearance is a pain to work with on those…even with risers and large wheels.

I have a build with an icarus deck and split enclosure from eboosted…absolutely love it. Kinda depends on what you are going for on this build though.

How is the clearance? Pictures of the board?

I have used 3d printed enclosures for years (petg). Have had real good luck… Obviously - I have hit a couple large cracks that I was not ready for, and have damaged a box… But super easy to fix/replace. I run pretty big lipos (12s2p - 30 mi range).


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IMG_20190829_210435 IMG_20190829_210425 MVIMG_20190829_210339 IMG_20190829_210308

Sorry it took so long! I’m running a 12S2P single 6374 on ronin trucks. Wheels are 97mm with 1/8" (I think) risers. As you can see from the pics I have a decent amount of clearance in the center of the board so I never have issues with the board flexing. Specially considering its a flex 1 board and I’m around 200 pounds.


Some ideas for you