Idea for first build | Homemade deck | 12S battery | YEP120A esc | Assault 530kv motor | flywheel clones


I im going to make my own carbon/kevlar deck. I have 2 sheets of 4mm plywood that I was going to put the carbon/kevlar between. If there are any people that made a carbon deck before please give me some advice on how to laminate and how many layers of the composite should I use to achive decent strength of the board. Im going to go with the silverfish longboards churchill 16 design.

I dont know what remote I will be using but im looking for something small and cheap, I would like some suggestions. For wheels I am buying some flywheel clones and trucks from amazon. For the drive train I was thinking about using this motor: I know high kv is usually avoided but the thing has 4500 Watts of power! I am going to be using this esc: (because VESC is too expensive any only supports 50A continuous) and this battery: (or any other high capacity 6s battery thats on sale at hobbyking at the time of purchase) and im going to run two of those in series to get 12S. For the motor mount Im going to wield an aluminum one on the truck ( if you know where to get one let me know). I also want to use a chain drive as belts tend to break often. I dont know where to get the gears or the chains so I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. I know I will get a lot of comments about the poor motor choice but if you know any motor that could get me to 50km/h (real speed not calculated) or higher on a single wheel drive please let me know. I am open to any advice I could get in terms of the build.

Thank you for reading and your answers. :slight_smile:

Motor KV too high. Doesn’t matter the amount of the watt but if it doesn’t have enough torque you end up with 1 motor waste. 280kv or lower is better for efficiency, otherwise too much gearing.

Bad selection of motor controller. The reason why VESC is expensive and demanded is because of its true performance serving eskate community. I have car esc 120A and also a 100a opto esc, both are put to shame compared to VESC. The things that other ESC dont have is FOC, gradual braking (regen braking), silent braking and start up torque. The ESC you choose has no brake (Either not braking or 100% dead stop). Also VESC are build for continuous rides for 30 - 40min ++ while these cheap chinese ESC mostly serve 100A continuous under very heavy cooling as they are placed in Helicopter and or plane. Nevertheless Helicopter and plane both don’t last for more than 40 min in the skies.

You might think that there are other better cheaper options out there. Trust me, if there are we all use them already :smiley:

if you like it cheap, get a 245kv, 6s battery and the FVT 120A Esc (or some other 120-150A Car ESC).

Price is a big factor in my parts list, but I still want to achive top speeds of 50kmh or higher. Is that possible with a 230kv motor?

I sincerely wouldn’t go 50km/h on a cheap board. Cheap=less reliable, so you should think twice about going cheap on an esk8

Well I’m not planing on going super cheap. I want a decent board, but ill cut corners with things like trucks and making my own deck to save some money

sure it is, depends on your weight and on your gearing.

Well, cheap trucks and homemade board are things that at 50km/h will make a HUGE difference.

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Im 60kg, but I will probably go up to 70kg in a few years, for hearing I was thinking 2:1 or 3:1 gear ratio.