Ideas for mounting 2x Focbox inside Eboosted Vanguard enclosure?

Hey everybody, I hope you’re all well!

I’m onto my second Vanguard build, finally using 10S!

I’ve received my enclosures from @Eboosted - thanks Alan! :smiley:

Focboxes and other parts from @okp / UNIK

Basically I’d love anybody’s thoughts on how to mount 2x Focbox, while being mindful of heat dissipation. I did think about mounting them on a thin plate, with ‘fins’ coming out each side of the enclosure, very much like how Boosted have done on their ESC enclosure. Very low-profile fins, though (I have a friend who is a tool-maker and has access to CNC machines). Of course, there needs to be space for the parallel connector to power the Focboxes as well as the other wiring.


Any ideas and suggestions are much appreciated!

Thanks, Jonny.


Guessing your using a Vanguard or similar flexy deck? While I myself am not assembling my own (thank you @psychotiller :pray:t4:), there are a few threads with implementations one here’s one by EBoosted himself:


Edit: saw this post was Focbox specific :thinking:, I’m sure one of these vanguard threads have one , try searching for EBoosted Vanguard Encolsures and one of the Build threads that refer to it must have a photo of implementation

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Might be helpful, don’t think it’s got a heat sink though


Yes, this will be my 2nd Vanguard build, I wrote a little about that in the first post. Thanks for that link! I saw it previously but I don’t think Alan had added photos of inside the ESC enclosure.

VERY helpful, thanks @pat.speed :smiley:

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I wouldn’t mind about heat dissipation on the vamguard 10s4p, it works flawlessly without a jheatsink unless you live in a hilly area and weight 120kg and beat the sh!t out of the motors :smile:


Thanks Alan! For some reason I had the idea in my head that I’d have to manage heat! Probably because I’m used to 6S and a 5065 motor - it runs very hot sometimes!

Don’t worry, it works pretty well with no heat sink. If you even encounter a heat rising issue consider a heat sink, in the meanwhile just run it as it is.

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Thanks for the advice Alan :slight_smile: