If you can’t decide whether it’s worth the hassle

Do it!!!

Build that board any rough arsed way you can!

I can say without a doubt, nothing puts such a grin on my chops as smooth tarmac and awesome acceleration! (Other than my wife obviously :wink:)

Get building…


I agree. Half the satisfaction comes from the build itself, while the other comes from people showing amazement at how you built it yourself.

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Agree i spent so long dithering over what way to go i wasnt getting anywhere. Just do it and keep modifying it afterwards, thats most of the fun. I spent around £500-600 making a dual motor 1:5.33 mountainboard and its great for version 1. Definitely more than enough power for my 69kg

I recently finished my first build. And it was so satisfying riding around knowing I made it. Especially when old people who didn’t even know this technology exists ask you about it