If you skate, stay out of Nashville

I know a guy that screen prints, I’ll check into that :grinning:

They hate good music, common sense, skateboards, and science. Fuck those idiots.

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No shit…:sunglasses:.

I hope your good music joke was just that, a joke. If you look past the glitzy face of modern country you see a city full of musicians, the way LA is full of artist, who write the songs for the stars on the weekdays and perform in bars and small venues around town on the weekends. Seriously, you can see a show of almost any genre almost any night of the week, probably for less than $20.

cant really argue the common sense thing tho.

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I think he was talking about “the man” :grinning:

Thee cops have stopped (or stopped me) and just to ask me about my board. One said his 8y/o son really wants one but not going to happen because he’s too young but he was glad to see me wearing a helmet. I told him about the DIY group and said it would be a great learning experience.

Another one told me to slow it down but he had no idea what my board can do as I almost always stay around 15-18mph only.

Cops usually wants to make sure you are not going to get yourself and others hurt. Security just want you off their property so they won’t be responsible for any patron’s complaints which result in paper work and having to explain to their boss