If you skate, stay out of Nashville

I was staying at the opryland resort for the weekend. I called before we came and asked about using an electric skateboard. The person I spoke too, a booking agent, said as long as it’s not inside the hotel it’s fine. I went out for a ride with my son, was polite and going slow, as we rode to the mall. I was stopped by hotel security who a complete prick and told “no skating in hotel grounds”. I replied, before we even came I called and asked and was told it was fine as long as it was outside the hotel. His reply, you ask? He said “do you want me to take that skateboard?”. My reply “Sir, with all due respect, you can try”. I then WALKED away with my son to the mall.

When we got off of hotel property onto mall property, a security car swerved I’m front of us, not 10 feet away (thank lord gator for brakes) and said…You guessed it “no skating in mall property”.

At this point I said fuck it, walked back to the hotel and got the car. We ended up going downtown. As I was getting my board out of the trunk a cop walks over and very respectfully (surprising, I know!) says “im sorry sir, there is no skateboarding or biking downtown”.

So I give up, screw Nashville. I’ve skated from Fort Myers to Chicago, Atlanta to St. Louise and never run into as many ass hats that hate skateboards in my life.


Haha holy shit… seems like they have some kind of hatred towards skateboards :joy:

Im from sweden, I carved by our police patrol in my town, dont even think they noticed it was electric. Not even a look :frowning:

And I was even trying to get them to notice me as I wanted to see the reaction and what they would say about the usage of an electric skateboard.

Most likely they’d have no clue is my guess.


I’m from Alabama, just in Nashville for a short trip. This will be my last. Anyways, just so I’m know I’m being g clear it not that it’s an electric skateboard, it’s skateboards period. All of them. I don’t know what the issue is, other than rent+a+cops love to screw with people in the south.

I was riding around Tucson on one of my first rides. I was laid over so I thought I’d give her a whirl. Parked at the mall so I could watch SW Rouge One later and took off from there. No problems leaving, I used my board as I intended to. I got a sandwich to go and headed back. :blush: Great secondary transportation.
But when I returned a security guard on a golf cart chased me down. I was close to my truck so I didn’t stop. As he saw me pull up he stopped, gave a pause and went on. He really wanted to chew my ass, but saw i was done. I mean I wasn’t using their lot just for the sake of using it, I was traveling. They had no problem with my truck either (made sure first because I wanted to catch the movie). I guess skateboards in general have a bad perception. Too bad.

Yep, it’s sad that reputation is enough to make people in authority harrass and exclude decent people.

I find it’s the same with all rent-a-cops. It’s the same here too when it comes to casinos and public areas with private security. Never have an issue with police.

Me, @nmagz3 and @KlethBane had to stop at a Walgreens at Fremont Street… 3 boards I’m standing outside babysitting, while they go shop for feminine products or something, and the first security dude try’s to tell me not to skate in Fremont. I wasn’t I was just standing there. He told me I had to leave. I told him my guys are in there buying something. And talk to me when you catch me esk8ing through. And he can go fuck himself if he thinks I’m gonna move the boards ( which were in one ones way)… Boys come out a minute later…another dip shit security comes over…I tell him, “you’re the 2nd security to tell me to leave in abt a minute…I tell him at this points this is bullshit harassment…I told him, we just stopped at the store and you guys are busting our balls for no reason…Catch us riding … say all you want” … “If you wanna go harass someone (I point over his shoulder) go talk to the half naked chick over there… and the fucked up drunk bugging that chick…or how about that drugged out dude laying over there…” I went on and on… and on… and he said If your gonna act like that I’m gonna stay right here"…I told him, That’s awesome! I love company!" And proceeded to make him look like a fucking cunt in a uniform … as I slowly put my gear back on…and all of a sudden he started to walk away…I called to him, “What the FUCK dude? I thought you were gonna hang with us???”

Walked away with his tampon between his legs.


Generally, skateboards are ban because of skater culture. California is lax in some cities and most of Los Angeles is unless you are not abiding by city laws regarding street use. Since we’re on the topic of security, what can they really do besides reminding people of property rules?

chase you on their segways :joy:


Brisbane police were using sedgeways, we would cruise past waving, “respect the sedge”. They’d wave back. Zero fucks given. It’s too hot.


@Michaelinvegas that was hilarious! Especially when the second cop came and said I’m going to stay till you leave. The we answer saying, “okay, stay you’re wasting your time”. So the guy literally stays the whole time and we tell him, “see, your time was wasted doing nothing good one”. Haha he acted like he caught us or he was like “gotcha”. When we were just acting like a normal person picking something up form a drug store. Toy Cops have issues man.

Meh, this is what happens when these so-called security guards have nothing better to do. They go around harassing people because they’re on some power trip.

My workplace, the area explicit states no skateboarding, rollerblading or biking in the vicinity but the guards don’t go hunting down people who do it. They have bigger problems to deal with so they just let it slide unless it gets out of hand.

Thanks for the FYI. Never intended on going anywhere near there ever, this just reinforces it :smiley: !

I’m from Nashville and have esk8ed all around town and never been asked to stop. All the parks and green-ways have miles of pavement that’s better than the roads anyway. I’m guessing they just crack down on lower broad. Also if you were staying at gaylord and sk8ting to that mall, you went to the absolute worst/least interesting parts of nashville which is really unfortunate.

Please do come back! I assure you this is not the usual experience. If need better things to do/see or places to ride let me know!


I didn’t really have a choice were to stay. I’m at an engineering/quick response conference and it’s hosted at the Opryland hotel.

I’m sure I’ll be back, but I won’t stay here again. I just hate it when I pay for the right to be somewhere and then am told I can’t do something. No reason, not harming anyone or anything, just a useless exercise if power.

You can bet I will NEVER stay at Opryland again or spend any money at Opry Mills.

Thanks for the offer @NashTrash, I’ll hit you up next time I’m here.

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It’s any property pretty much…I they have a blanket No Skateboards. I wouldn’t hate on them too much. It’s also how the individual security person handles it…some are nicer than others …

Notice it’s the security that’s an issue…not police … and that a good thing. It’s when the cops start cracking down is when we all have a serious problem.

Let see…i skate at the school and the shopping plaza near me the most. Both have clearly signs that say no skateboarding. The security at both places have been totally cool. Now, if I went to the strip and rode at a property…instant ball busting…

IMO it’s best not to ride on any hotel property, and the reason is liability on the hotel’s side … also…they don’t wanna hear it…they don’t want to hear a complaint, they don’t want to hear you got hurt on their property…all theses properties have a person that handles “Safety and Risk Management” … they handle all the complaints for bed bugs, food poisoning, stubbed toes and all sorts of bullshit…any issues they have to do a full investigation to either show they are not or are responsible…that leads to possible financial compensation (hotels hate that) …it’s really because some people like to bitch, moan and file suit…So, if no one says anything to you … count urself lucky… if they do…nothing you can do but respect what they ask…

When it comes down to it…I just try to lay low or just be faster than them lol

I can’t disagree with anything you said, I’m not arguing with anything you said. In case I wasn’t clear the 2 points I was making were…

  1. I called and asked and was told it was fine as long as it was outside the hotel.
  2. It was the private security that were dicks and the cop was nice.

If I had know the couldn’t skate at the hotel I would have stayed somewhere else and drove in for the meeting.

Growing up in Memphis I would’ve assumed, if asked, that it would be the cops who would be dicks and security would just nope, sorry.

At home, I’ve been stopped by 1 cop, and stopped is too strong a word. He just wanted to look. Was pretty amazed in fact. The thing that hit his attention was going 10mph on the flats then hitting 20moh uphill and never touching the ground. That was months ago, now I’m emailing back and forth with the guy because he wants to build one.

I’m 43, it was me and, obviously, my son. It just reallllllly pissed off that the rent-a-cops were assholes out the gate. They didn’t even attempt to be pleasant or respectful.

I will close with this…I hate that once again my son has another example of how people in authority are not there to protect or assist you. That makes me sad.

Oh I read it …

You can’t believe what tell you on the phone. The clerk or anyone answering have no authority to tell you as to what permitted and not permitted…trust me…even the hotel managers won’t really know either …it just the way it is…I know I’ve worked at a big property for years…people say all sorts of shit…best one is abt dogs

Cops are fine … as long as you don’t cause any traffic problems…we ain’t grinding on planters …

Security is just that…they just do as they are told so that don’t get grief …and clock out at the end of their shift…they really have no authority…they want zero issues on their shift…what so expect when you get paid above minimum wage

We just have to ride on the DL at places like these…and that’s no gonna change … they would say the same thing if you had one of those hoverboard things or even a plain kickscooter … unless it’s a wheel chair…they are gonna say shit

I’m gonna build clip in chair. Not really but it would be funny to see a lawn chair zipped tied to 1200 bucks worth of skateboard :grinning:.

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Maybe you should get a handicap sticker on ur board lol

That would be awesome :grinning:

Or “I won’t sue you bro” tshirt lol