I'm converting two electric scooters into an esk8 - (Youtube links + Discussion)

This is a project that I’ve been working on for some time now. I’m documenting the process on youtube as a “show”, but largely want to talk about it.

Background: So I have been interested in electric scooters since they rolled into my town this time last year. I charged scooters for one of those companies, made money, but largely wanted more. I had seen esk8ers around and really wanted one.

Segway ES2/4 Electric Scooters come with a 350w motor, one internal and one external 36v 5.2amp batteries, and a wheel.

I bought the cheapest longboard that I could find on amazon. I also bought an ESC from “esk8club” on amazon. Not sure if its a hobbywing esc or not, but the remote is a fairly common “cheap esc” remote.

I initially (roughly) modified the trucks to take the motors, but eventually bought mountainboard trucks as they seemed to work best with my motors.

Youtube links are below.

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My first esk8 project

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Nice dude I just did this exact same thing. I used two Bird Zero scooters and batteries to make my own Esk8 board. The hub motors are plenty powerful and the batteries have plenty of range.