Im finding the choice of SK3 motors confusing on hobbyking UK

any idea what would be suitable for im guessing a 6S battery setup, sorry im new to brushless motors and lipos.


james UK

190 kv would be a good choice going with the normal/popular 15/36T pulley setup. and 85mm wheels. It will give you around 30km/hour ~21 miles/hour topspeed. It has really good torque.

If you want more torque ( i.e better pulling power, better acceleration at low speeds, better hill climb ability ) go for a lower kv.

If you want as much speed as you can for a 6s battery, go for a higher kv.

190kv is a very common ‘low’ kv, and the scale pretty much slides anywhere up to 260kv relatively comfortably. I personally have a 245kv SK3 (although 8s) which is think is still plenty torque-y and has a nice high speed, perfect for my relatively flat area in the north! :slight_smile:

190 kV is too low for 6S with that gearing ratio. Your weighted top speed would only be around 13 mph (~21 km/hr)

This helped me a lot

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this was my setups on lipo’s and a APS 12s 120A setup. I managed to get 30 km/hour on flats proven with multiple gps.

12S is not 6S.

Why would you recommend the same setup at half the voltage?

I used 6s lipo with a 12s APS ESC …

Cheers that might help a little

So far I’ve got a board 80mm orangutan wheels Set of caliber 2 trucks on order. Just trying to figure out the electronics side, I’ve got the 6s figure in my head from watching the diy builds on YouTube including the one by entertion. Getting to get the bits together slowly but trying not to mess up as don’t have the funds for a lot of error. Motor mount I’d planned on making. Undecided what to do on pulleys and esc

Very inquisitive what everyone else has set up, will be trawling through the forum checking out builds latest

There you go:

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It’s now a good time to share my first venture into eboarding. Reconstituted 250watt scooter

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on the 6s if u have a little extra money go for a higher c rate i think u might go for 20c but 40 to 65 is a lot more fun i had 12/36 2x3s 5000 20c 190kv sk3 im 13st i got 6miles and 22.8mph i changed to 2x3s 5000 65c same out come but getting to 22mph was a lot more fun

im not sure but this might be good 3x Turnigy 5000mAh 2S 7.4V 60C Hardcase Pack still 6s im doing a 10s set up wth 5 in a few weeks there 25e each

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if ive understood right the higher C rating is the amount of current the battery pack can deliver, so a 5000mAh pack with a 20C rating can deliver a maximum of 100A continiously (5000mha X 20C)

that correct? so a higher C rating would allow more amps and so more torque?

ya,and its only a little extra to upgrade,also i think i have a 6s xbeast 150amp esc here for sale

245kv sk3 on 6S works ok - a little cogging so a push needed but to be expected as I’m 90 kgs. 192kv sk3 on 10s was better.

look at this Turnigy nano-tech A-SPEC 6600mah 2S 65~130C Lipo Boat Pack there so cheap right now i just ordered 5

this is a great buy you will only need 3 if i was you build a 10s dont for get you will only get 6-7 miles from a 6s setup

what did u think of the 192kv on the 10s what was the take off like also what top speed did you get

It’s a really good combination. Top speed over 30. Great climber. Needs a kick if starting on an incline. Favourite set up so far.

In doing 5 2s 6600 and a 192kv what esc are u useing