I'm new. Can you help with this build?

Hi guys. I wanted to buy a esk8(Evolve GTR) but i decided to build myself one just like the Evolve i want to get AT tires pack and 97mm Flywheels pack so can i change them whenever i want. I live in Europe and i want to get some parts. I looked up on gcan build a better board than Evolve Gtr(2000€)

Can you help me to choose the right parts? I will use Samsung 30q 10s5p/6p batteries. And dual 6355 maytech motors. There its 2 options 170 kv and 190kv motors. What should i choose? I think i need the maytech dual vesc I want a deck that its like evolve. I think i will buy sector9 specter binatang and use this deck. https://sector9store.com/classics/527-specter-bintang-3663194041333.html

What other parts shooud i get?

The KV rating of your motor depends on several things : the number of cells in series, the size of the wheel you’re using and the number of teeth of both pulleys.

See there and tweak different parameter to find the right one

You also need to thing of trucks (evolve uses double kingpin), the motor mounts, the antispark, and the enclosure Nice choice of deck, I can only recommend you to go and check the enclosure at eboosted, they have one for this deck, they’re all gorgeous

For trucks and mount, if you want an evolve like, take the trucks from evolve and use Unik motor mount to be able to mount 63xx mm motors, instead of just 50xx

Good luck !

Have you made a battery before?