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Okay so I don’t know if this is allowed so by all means delete if not mods.

My question is I have a giant Maverix border cross and I absolutely hate the thing. It’s 70 pounds and just cumbersome as can be. My question is is it possible to hack the weight down for one. Next up can I use the parts from this board my battery 800 W motor etc. to Frankenstein a diy. The thing has less than 50 miles on it. Thanks for listening

Howdy! You could probably drop a good 30lbs just by getting rid of those lead acid batteries in that thing! (close to it) Then, with some elbow grease and a little determination you could switch out that brick of a motor and the speed controller.

It’ll be way lighter, faster, more fun to ride and worth about 400 bucks more.


Thanks for reply to my post! I’ve got a couple of lithium batteries that went to the Shenzhen special lol. That’s what I call those little hub motor fish boards

I’m guessing the little fish board is 6s which is 22v. You may need to get an 8s or even 10s pack with those huge tires. Otherwise you won’t really have the juice to get it going very fast.