I'm new to all of this, will all of these parts work together?

I want to first of all say I’m sorry if I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m new to all this and this was my first attempt at making a parts list so please go easy on me :grin:. Also, how would I got about adding a power indicator and a power button?

Electronic parts -


Battery (x2):




Thing for connecting the batteries in series:

Thing to solder onto the positive and negative wires of the ESC:

To connect batteries to ESC:

To connect batteries to charger:

Mechanical Parts -

Motor mount:

Pulley Set and belt:

Ps I already have the longboard, with Paris 180 trucks.

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For that price, you should just get a VESC, also I’m not sure if that ESC even has brakes…

The 6364 motor likely has the same stator size as the 6355’s, just with a longer body. It might be more worth it to step up to a 6374 motor.

Alright, what would you say about this one:


And I have changed the motor to this:

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Might want to pick up some XT-90S for a loop key as well.

I’m sorry to sound silly, but what is a loop key?

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There’s a ton of things you can find in the search feature, but here’s a good topic to start on.


Basically, it’s an on/off switch for your board that will work like a car key.

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Thank you so much :grinning:

One question, the VESC says it has 5.5mm bullet connectors for the motor, but the motor has 4mm. Will I have to get a different motor?

No, you’ll just have to solder on either new motor connectors or new VESC connectors. Either way is good.

Okay :thumbsup:

Or you could buy these. http://m.ebay.com/itm/C0004X-RC-Connector-5-5mm-Male-Bullet-to-4mm-4-0mm-Female-Gold-bullet-Adapter-/361886191446?txnId=870480909023

I did. But then I ended up switching out the wires on my tacon Bigfoot 160 because the stock wires were too stiff for my liking.

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