I'm Not Sure If I Can Program my esc

I just finished building my very first electric longboard. But, when i went to program my esc using the usb link it wouldn’t read the esc settings, and when i tried sending settings to the esc it wouldn’t change anything.

https://www.amazon.com/Crazepony-FVT-Favourite-Programmer-Adjustment/dp/B01IK1KIKM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478286749&sr=8-1&keywords=fvt+usb+link USB Programmer

http://www.banggood.com/FVT-CBWI120A-ESC-Brushless-Speed-Controller-For-110-and-18Series-RC-Cars-p-985970.html My Esc

open the program on your pc

insert usb cable -> “USB DEVICE” should go green

make sure your esc has battery connected and motor (not turned on yet) Connect your usb cable to your ESC

Turn on your esc by connecting battery/loopkey/on off switch

both buttons should be Green now

yeah, i tried that like 50+ times

pressed enter to quick

If this didn’t work , you maybe need an extra Serial Usb program. But i’m not sure. It’s in the download links at alienpowersystem.com

they both turn green, i tried sending settings but no change, and when i read settings it stays blank

That is strange. You are using the correct program for your esc?

Well mine reads it automatically when I connect with my pc

ya, im pretty sure. i think it just cant be programed