I'm selling my board

I’m selling my first build to fund a new one. this board is amazing and I love it. I took a bad spill 2 weeks ago (broke my collarbone) and I want to build a slower more stable board. the board goes about 35mph with my bigger battery 6s 5000mah. it comes with 2 sets of batteries 4 in total. batteries you can check out my add on ebay.


thanks for looking. :grinning:

35mph on 6S ??

Sucks man - hope you heal up quickly.

If you aren’t able to sell - you can limit your top speed in VESC settings!

Running the speed calc i trust (seems accurate for me) - 83mm - 190kv - 10s - 14/36 = 25mph, and on 12s 30mph. You’re likely a bit lighter than me and with a tailwind i could see the difference (or slight slope) - definitely fast.

I did 30 once - not my brightest moment.

Heal up and GL w/ your sale!

Thanks @sl33py

@Randyc1 2 6s in series

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Get well soon buddy.

To be honest… You’ll probably be better off selling things as parts on here through PayPal. eBay takes a hefty 10% of the sale.