Im trying to start making eboards

I have been a big fan of skateboarding ever since i could remember. I started a long time ago and i really want an E-skateboard. The main reasoning of me wanting an E-board is that my 2 wheeled segway hoverboard broke. Anybody know any good options for an E-Board? (DIY or Pre built. Willing to pay no more than 1000USD) thanks! Also, Shipping to Hong Kong?

I would check out the ‘start here’ post that @onloop created. It’s pretty good for diy electric skateboards… prebuilt boards are gonna cost at or a above $1000 tho. I think the enertion raptor is a bit more and I know the basis boosted board is $1000, but you can get a lot more for your money than the boosted board. I have heard of ‘melon board’ that gets good range and is $600 but the reviews are not to good after a few rides. They are cheeply made in China a rebranded, there is another board that is the same thing as the melon board, with diffrent logos. I would personally stay away from them. I would go with diy because it’s awesome to learn and there is a great community here is u need any help…


go diy of of course do to recent advances in pre built electric longboard batteries theses can easily compare to but most likely beat any board on the market for speed and range. The vesc offers open source programming that allows you to make it the best for your specific motor and setup, also your riding habits and conditions. The hong kong shipping will probably kill you by a hundred or so dollars for everything but this is easily doable

do you have and top speed you want in particular or if you live in a hilly or relativly flat area

i live in a very very hilly area and i live near alot of speed bumps so i dun want a battery sticking out alot

run a 245 kv tacon geared low on a 10 or 12s setup

then go for a vesc as you esc

I thought 245KV was too high to use at 12S with a VESC. Is is safe to use this high KV at 10S with the VESC ?

Haha higher voltage lets your vehicle run cooler and yes ideally with the right gearing you should be fine

Sorry to insist but Ben had issues running motor at 12S with more than 200kv. Are you aware of this problem or is your answer a general comment on voltages and esc ? Have you tested it yourself ? The switching was too fast for the components to handle that high voltage.

I have no iedea what 12s or whatever is and i do not understand anything…

Sorry. The people using batteries are often speaking of voltage as S. 1S is 3.7V (to 4.2 depending on the charge). 12S is around 44V This comes from the fact that batteries are usually made of several elements in series. And the elements are each 1S in voltage.

There are limitations in using this battery with that ESC (controller) and that motor. One of the limitations already mentionned by Vedder (the VESC inventor) is that you should not use 12S batteries with motors that have a KV (another motor specification) higher than 200.

yes i have tested it so long as you gear it right for the motor ull be fine

however if you dont have money to waste then just go 10s just to be safe

@CHU1313Y i would love to build you one and i could totally do it within your budget but i can’t ship completes overseas yet.

Fortunately you’re in the right place for advice on building your own.

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I am very surprised. SEveral people fried their VESC running >200KV motors with 12S and Vedder explicitely recommended not to use >200KV motors with 12S VESC.

What is your configuration exactly ? You said 2 weeks ago that you were starting your first build, you must be a very quick builder !

oh it was just a basic build with some basic components that i later sold to my friend. Nothing special about it

however Its gonna depend on how fast your going to be going, what you amp draw is going to look like, your motor kv, and how much you want to spend on the whole thing. Most importantly though are you trying to build a unique board?

Let me know what you would like and ill gladly give you the best setup I can recommend for your budget.

Wait are u located in america because shipping can kill going worldwide